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History PT System Solution Indonesia & ID Adventure

ID ADVENTURE has been working together with PT System Solution Indonesia or PT SSI or internationally known as AMDOCS for two years. We have been trusted to held Team Building in Bogor, west Java and a corporate event, Jakarta.  The event  was for INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION AND HALAL BIHALAL OF AMDOCS 2013”. Both event had a team building atmosphere and competition activities. Great enthusiasm from all the participants amazing energy through the whole program.

International atmosphere and multinational team anywhere in the company has certain kind of challenge but in PT System Solution Indonesia or AMDOCS the atmosphere is so much fresh. Jokes always come in conversation and personal distance between participants are shortened each time. This group easily growth communication and mingled. In big grup the communication always open for better improvement. Perhaps because mostly the team are young people. looking forward to see you again next year. (Martinus Raing Tukan, The Facilitator)

We had lots of positive inspiration from AMDOCS, the team are smart, tough and solid. the team involve Anna Octaviani, Marsella, Andreas Patria Krisna, Martinus Yenn, and Martinus Raing Tukan. May all the high level of teamwork expressed in the program giving real and increasing outcome for AMDOCS work in the future. Keep spreading your wing and fly high.обслуживание расчетного счета для ип

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