Jungle Survival Training in BALI

Jungle Survival Training in BALI
Jungle Survival Training in BALI
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We found two most favorite ‘why’ for wanting to learn jungle survival skills. One is the desire to develop a real connection to the natural world, another is wanting to be prepared for a natural or man-made disaster.

We provide jungle survival course in tropical Bali island jungle environment from basics to advance. Once you have mastered the basics, you may go to further your skills and knowledge in advanced jungle survival skills training. 

Our training is perfect for those who want to connect with the natural world and learn to live with nature on their terms and for those who in his daily job facing with the potential risk of survival situation. The training is also perfect for those concerned about potential disaster – people who want to ensure that they are prepared to equip themselves with the know-how to take care of themselves and their loved ones if jungle evacuation becomes necessary. 


These courses provides opportunities for participants to: 

  1. Having awareness about Survival Psychology and how to overcome stressors in survival situation also how to develop mental coping strategy in critical situation to support jungle survival Efforts. 
  2. Explore the process of developing improvised tools and devices, identifying and gathering food and water sources for jungle survival. 
  3. Recognize the advantages of survival kit to enhance survivability in jungle survival. 
  4. Practice survival techniques for provision of food, water, shelter, orientation, and protection in the jungle setting. 
  5. Appreciate the benefits of foresight, knowledge, planning, training, cooperation, resilience, and communication in jungle survival. 
  6. Apply right attitude, knowledge and skills to survive in jungle survival situation.


The following topics are covered in our Jungle Survival courses: 


  • Survival Psychology 
  • Survival Priorities 
  • Survival Kit and How To Use It 
  • Basic Fire making & Safety 
  • Basic Shelters 
  • Signaling 
  • Basic Jungle Navigation 
  • Water Procurements 
  • Wilderness Food Procurements 
  • Animal Awareness 
  • Basic Wilderness First Aid 


  • Basic Jungle Supplies 
  • Weather and elements awareness 
  • Knots and Hitches 
  • Advanced Fire making & Safety 
  • Building tarp shelter and natural Shelter 
  • Finding directions in the wilderness 
  • Finding Food In The Wild 
  • Intermediate Study of Wild Edible Plants 
  • Catching Fish and Seafood 
  • Snares and Traps 
  • Jungle First Aid 
  • Signaling for help 
  • River Crossing and Survival Swimming 
  • Rappelling


  • Basic Survival Course : US$ 1600/ person 
  • Advanced Survival Course : US$ 1700 / person 

*Duration of Training :*

  • Basic Jungle Survival Course : 5 days 4 nights 
  • Advanced Jungle Survival Course : 5 days 4 nights 


Buyan Forest, Bali


Will follow your schedule in Indonesia but you have to notify us minimally 2 weeks prior to the date you choose to start the course.






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