Family Retreat

Family Retreat
Family Retreat
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  • Category : Yoga Retreat
  • Duration : 3 days
  • Location : Bali
  • Price : $ 750 USD per pax

Special Moment: Family Retreat

It is a special moment for the whole family to have a weekend getaway, an act of withdrawal of mind, body and soul, going backwards to a place of seclusion to reflect and to be refreshed.  It is for our family well-being, in this world of fast-paced living it is important for us to make a priority of vacationing (recreation), or retreating.   It is a long weekend event where all members of our family are welcome to retreat to the solitude of mountain.

Held at a nice resort, the Family Retreat integrates family team bonding activities developed to promote and give everyone who attends a sense of warm as family. This retreat is universal, welcomes all to join the community, come and see, feel, hear and experience of refreshing loving relation growing.

Meditation, Yoga and Outdoor Activities

You and family can enjoy the healing power of yoga, whilst the kids experience new skills, all in a safe and secure environment! With many soul enriching family activities to enjoy, this  family retreat is a one-off opportunity for the whole family and it’s aimed at parents who love yoga or start to love yoga. This is a very unique holiday that combines a yoga retreat for the parents and numerous exciting outdoor activities, under professional instruction, for the kids. Joy, fun and healing for everyone! 

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