Experience Transformation of Life Changing Camps & Retreat

Experience Transformation & Life Changing Retreat Camps
Experience Transformation & Life Changing Retreat Camps
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Experience Transformation of Life Changing Retreat Camps

Global Citizenship, Personal Discovery & Community Building For Students

Experience Transformation and Life Changing Retreat Camps is all about three days to a week stepping away from daily activities, not to forget, but to have an inner journey to reflect, discover, and find further, and therefore, enlarge the horizon from everyday experience. This ‘widen horizon’ would give possibilities for students to find perspective and preparation even to “move the highest mountain” of their life.

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Youth retreats and Camps goals:
A. Reaching out to the un-priviliged.
B. Building youth group identity and community
C. Character Building / Leadership Training
D. Rest and relaxation
E. Making great positive memories
F. Opportunities for teens to ask those tough questions
G. Model the way
H. Preparing future leaders
Theme of the day
Day 1 Gathering Day
Day 2 Eco Literacy Day
Day 3 Arts and Craft day
Day 4 Challenge day
Day 5 Mission day

Facilities on the process:
– Camp or Retreat House accommodation
– Reconciliations session
– Guidance from camp counsellor
– Outdoor simulations & challenge games
– Meditation guidelines from the Master
– Facilitator for the whole process
– Logistic Technical Support
– Full accommodation venue
– Full-board Meals and Beverages
– First Aid Trained Staff and standard medication
– Certificate

Camp Badak Air – Tapos – Jawa Barat
(Bamboo Cabin Accommodation, sleeping bag, 3 to 4 shared bed, shower bathroom, semi open meeting room, sound system, more than 20 toilets, healthy food and beverages, projector, large garden with paddy plantation and green canopy, hiking trail, small river flowing in the middle of the camp, bonfire, etc)

Junior, Senior High, College School Students

Method :
Experiential Learning and Education Method
Brief – experience – reflection/debrief.
Variety approach would be used and all finally reflect on.

Contact us for detailed info :
Send us your  data by email to info@idadventure.com
Name, Grade/Level/Class, School, Gender, Parent Name, Parents HP/WhatsApp.
We will confirm your registration by  email.

Further information (HP/wa) :
Anastasia +6281212551888
Adrian +62813-2769-1888




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