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Indonesia Birdwatching Trip

Indonesia Birdwatching Trip

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Birdwatching Trip in Indonesia Indonesia Birdwatching Trip Indonesia has 1666 species of birds. After Kolombia, Peru, dan Brazil Indonesia ranked as the fourth highest number of bird population in the world. ID Adventure noted 426 of the species only live and exist in Indonesia, it's the highest number in the world for endemic birds in one country. Hundreds of nature park in Indonesia holds important role in reserving their natural habitats. ID Adventure shows you Java and Bali best sight…

Wonderful Indonesia Raja Ampat
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Wonderful Indonesia Raja Ampat Locations : Papua, Irian Jaya, Indonesia, Lego-Lego dance, Rumah Pengasingan Bung Karno, Ancient Tribe, Dani Tribe, Baliem Valley, Traditional Cooking, Traditional Weapons and clothes, Koteka,Wamena, Raja Ampat, Wayag, Missol, Waiwo, Resort and Eco Lodge, Underwater Beauty, Richest Biodiversity in the world, Manta Rai, Tradisional Music, Seafood Culinary, Sailing Adventure, raja ampat, papua, Raja Ampat festival, Festival Budaya Asmat.кредит под малый бизнес

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