Corporate Team Building

Corporate  Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building


Why Corporate  Team Building

In order to respect the dedication and performance of all staff and employees, Corporate Team Building Program became a means to maintain and increase the motivation to work with the best service. Motivation to work good is strongly supported by good interpersonal relationships, brotherhood and sense of community.

Corporate Team Building Program is a refreshing course conducted by the company for its human resources. The goals are of to increase the individual’s leadership (personal leadership), especially decisions making skill, get out of the self-comfort and develop group spirit. Through various kinds of physical challenges and cooperation, building synergy with the achievement of the target group in accordance with the vision and mission of the company.

Corporate Team Building program is also designed to create bond between individuals who are directly involved in the service process of the Company. Hopefully Team Building Programs can be a new spirit in the initial step the best service.



Venue you choose determine the kinds of challenge you will have.   Whether it is near river area, in a jungle lands, hills and mountain, or island, beach and ocean, each serve different challenge for you.

Extra Additional Packages

Special Packages Investment Price
1. Paintball War Game IDR 250.000,- / Pax
2. High Ropes Activity IDR 3.500.000,- / Set
3. Off Road / Land Rover Adventure IDR 1.500.000,- / Unit Car
4. Motivational Trainer IDR 25.000.000,- / Speaker
5. Fire Walks (berjalan diatas api) IDR 15.000.000,- / Package
6. Rafting (3 jam) IDR 350.000.- / Pax
7. Fire Works (kembang api) IDR 1.500.000,- / Package
8. Bon Fire (api unggun) IDR 300.000,- / Package
9. Lamb Grill Barbeque (kambing Guling) IDR 1.500.000,- /Package
10. Assessment MBTI IDR 25.000.000,- /Package